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The EXTENDED WARRANTY is granted and acknowledged by GATO PRETO for the covered items, provided that these Terms and Conditions are fully complied with.

The warranty extension applies to products of the GATO PRETO brand purchased in Portugal or Spain from duly authorized retailers. The WARRANTY EXTENSION does not affect the general rights of the purchaser during the general legal warranty period. With the WARRANTY EXTENSION service, GATO PRETO is responsible for:

1) Repairing, replacing, or refunding any possible non-conformities that arise in the covered items during the specified period.

2) Guaranteeing the necessary labor and travel expenses for all interventions carried out by GATO PRETO as a result of non-conformities. (*)

3) Providing original replacement parts used during interventions carried out by GATO PRETO as a result of non-conformities.

4) In case repair or replacement is not possible, reimbursing the value of the item. GATO PRETO's liability is always limited to the amount paid for the item at the time of purchase.


For modular sofas, simply select a warranty extension service on one of the modules.

This contract begins at the time of item acquisition. The WARRANTY EXTENSION is valid after the expiration of the legal warranty period, for a non-renewable period of ONE YEAR from the date of product availability. After the expiration of the period counted from the delivery, if the customer wishes to exercise the WARRANTY EXTENSION, they must prove that the non-conformity already existed.

To activate the WARRANTY EXTENSION, the customer must present the purchase invoice of the items along with the WARRANTY EXTENSION contract at any GATO PRETO store or contact our customer support service.

(i) Applicable exclusions: 1) Failures, malfunctions, or defects related to internal causes not covered by the original manufacturer's warranty; 2) Accidental damages; 3) Theft; 4) Normal wear and tear of materials; 5) Professional or intensive use; 6) Damages caused by use contrary to the manufacturer's recommendations or standards; 7) Any damage caused by a Natural Disaster; 8) Any intentional, fraudulent, or malicious acts committed by the customer or third parties; 9) Cases where the item has been subject to repair, maintenance, or handling by persons outside GATO PRETO; 10) Cases where the item has been subject to repair or maintenance with non-original parts; 11) Defects arising from materials, parts, and components manufactured or supplied by third parties, for which the Customer shall only be entitled to the warranty provided by the manufacturer or supplier to GATO PRETO; 12) Defects due, in whole or in part, to improper installation or maintenance, accidents, improper application or misuse, negligence, excessive operating conditions, or non-compliance with GATO PRETO's guidelines, manuals, or instructions.

To terminate the contract, the customer must contact GATO PRETO's Customer Support Service; however, the amount paid for the WARRANTY EXTENSION is non-refundable

(*)For the islands, transportation and delivery for the free repair are not included.